XC Camp 

10 days Coaching by Tilen Ceglar


Includes :

- Coaching

- Overnight stay at the campsite

- Breakfast and lunch snack and dinner

- Morning briefings

- Transport to take off and local taxes

- Retrieve

- Happy Hour

- Transfers IN/OUT from Ljubljana/Venezia Airport

- Check-in special lunch

- Check out Special Barbecue

- Souvenir T-Shirt

- 60 days Naviter SeeYou license

About the event

During this 10 days camp, we will move according to the weather conditions between the main launches of the valley. Depending on the weather, we will also have the opportunity to fly in Italy. We will take care of you from your arriving at the airport, during this event you will have the opportunity to fully concentrate on the flight without thinking about organization.


Briefing, observing the conditions and wait for the right moment to take off and enjoy a cross country without worrying about how to get back to base. Once the flight is over, a car from Nomad Pilots will pick you up and take you back to base. A small snack will be included, so you can recharge your batteries on the ride back. Theoretical support and flight analysis of the day once everyone is back to headquarters whilst the flight is still fresh in your mind. Where we can run through the flights with tools like "Doarama" to analyse where we made mistakes and what to do differently.

About the place

Easy and reliable mountain flying, home of many distance records. Smaller than the French or Swiss Alps, but still full of XC potential. The Tolmin/Kobarid valley is the most famous flying arena in Slovenia, and encompasses a section of the world record route. The main launches are Stol and Kobala.

The valley is one of the most scenic and memorable in Europe, with its gently flowing river down the centre and a good retrieve road either side. You can see the Dolomites to the west on a clear day, but the region is dominated by 3,000m Triglav to the north. Launches and landings are grassy and well maintained with good windsocks.

2 times Vice World Champions with Slovenian team. Tilen is currently (November 2019) ranked 3rd on the World Pilot Ranking System.