XC Camp 

10 days Coaching by Hernán Pitocco


Includes :

- Coaching

- Overnight stay in a single room

- Breakfast and lunch snack

- Morning briefings

- Transport to take off

- Transfers IN/OUT from Córdoba Airport

- Check-in special lunch

- Check out Special Barbecue

- Souvenir T-Shirt

- Help to book your flight ticket

About the event

During this 10 days camp, we will move according to the weather conditions between the flying sites of Cuchi Corral, Mina Clavero and Merlo. We will take care of you from your arriving at the airport, during this event you will have the opportunity to fully concentrate on the flight without thinking about organization.


Briefing, observing the conditions and wait for the right moment to take off and enjoy a cross country without worrying about how to get back to base. Once the flight is over, a car from Nomad Pilots will pick you up and take you back to base. A small snack will be included, so you can recharge your batteries on the ride back. Theoretical support and flight analysis of the day once everyone is back to headquarters whilst the flight is still fresh in your mind. Where we can run through the flights with tools like "Doarama" to analyse where we made mistakes and what to do differently.

About the place

The area of Córdoba is located in the north-central part of the country, it is sometimes called the "Heart of Argentina". The "Sierras de Córdoba" occupy a fifth of the provincial territory, extending to the northwestern part of the province. This area includes the Southern Sierras. These sierras are ancient folds and of moderate height. Between these sierras formed longitudinal valleys (north-south). Among them, the streched Valley of Punilla in which you find Cuchi Corral. The highest altitude in the province of Córdoba is Cerro Champaquí at 2,884 meters, which is still higher than the highest peak of the Carpathians in Europe. From there, a ridge called Sierra de Comechingones takes its departure, there we will find the cities of Merlo and Mina Clavero. 

Hernán Pitocco is a pioneer of the skies. In 2012, he set two paragliding world records and continues to strive towards world number one ranking.