Fly with locals on their playground




The XC Camps goal is flying cross country in small groups, with local pilots of world renown. All this with all-inclusive support so you can fully enjoy flying without the hassle of organisation. The theoretical support will help you analyse your mistakes, improve your flight technique, your mind and hopefully make great flights.

Going abroad to discover a country, its culture, flying with local pilots, to new horizons, with new landscapes. Learning to fly a new environment and conditions, sharing the sky with a group of other motivated pilots with the goal of flying cross country together. 

At XC Camps you will have the opportunity to fully concentrate on the flight. Wake up, eat breakfast on take-off during the briefing, observe the conditions, wait for the right moment to take off and enjoy a cross country without worrying about how to get back to base. Once the flight is over, a car from Nomad Pilots will pick you up and take you back to base. A small snack will be included, so you can recharge your batteries on the ride back. Theoretical support and flight analysis of the day once everyone is back to headquarters whilst the flight is still fresh in your mind. Where we can run through the flights with tools like "Doarama" to analyse where we made mistakes and what to do differently.